Refresh your home and living spaces with these summer projects

It’s not long until the kids are back at school; we’re ready and excited for a new year and a new start. Naturally, it’s the perfect time for a little home improvement!

You could start the year off on a creative note by getting into acrylic pouring, or it might be time to declutter that kitchen with new storage solutions. You might even refresh your bedroom with new curtains or drapes for a whole new look and feel. 

No matter what you have in mind, you can get ready for the year by restyling, refreshing and reorganising at home. Here are our fresh ideas and advice  to get you started!

Acrylic Pouring is a fun and easy way to create your own abstract artwork for the home

Acrylic pouring is an easy painting technique that creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind abstract art. Fluid shapes are created on a canvas simply by pouring paint and allowing the medium to become an artwork naturally.

You will need: 

  • A canvas or board 
  • Acrylic paints
  • A pouring medium to mix the paints for a good pouring consistency
  • A drop sheet 
  • Plastic cups 
  • Paddlepop sticks to mix the paint
  • Gloves 

There are plenty of how-to’s and video tutorials online but there are no rules. Let your creativity run wild, pouring splotches, wide swathes, and small dots all over the canvas. You can also move the paint around by tilting the canvas. Have fun and create beautiful abstract paintings to hang in your home.

Make the most out of your outdoor living space with these storage solutions 

There are plenty of reasons to need outdoor storage. Whether it’s a few shelves on your apartment balcony, a cabinet to organise your car maintenance products or a shed to hold garden equipment and pool toys, we’ve got plenty of storage solutions available for your lifestyle. 

There are plenty of outdoor storage boxes that have been designed to be simple, effective, and unobtrusive. Opt for a timber box for a natural look, or a painted box for something that fits in with your outdoor furniture and patio. 

An outdoor storage bench is both a large storage box, and a bench with armrests and a seat back for comfortable seating. This is perfect for a space next to a BBQ or fire where you’ll have quick access to the storage and a handy extra seat for guests. 

For the lawnmower, wheelbarrow, and other large garden tools and accessories, you need something bigger than a box. An outdoor storage shed is the easy answer, coming in a range of sizes and colours. A small cabinet is ideal for storing gardening basics such as weed killer, fertiliser, and kneeling pads. 

Declutter your kitchen with stylish solutions 

Are you keeping a collection of wines, spirits, beer glasses and cocktail glasses in your kitchen? Free up cupboard space with a stylish bar cart.

Double the shelving space in your cupboards with a stacking shelf to make the most of the vacant spots throughout your kitchen. These shelves work by adding an extra layer on top of an existing one for optimum pantry organisation. Floating shelves also offer added storage without overwhelming a room.

A drawer organiser is of course a must-have. We all have at least one humble draw of cooking utensils, spare batteries, pens and random odds and ends that needs to be tidied!

Organise your home with these must have storage solutions

There are plenty of furniture pieces that double as stylish storage solutions; couch bases, coffee tables, ottomans and beds can also act as smart storage units.

If you don’t already have a great buffet or sideboard, consider adding one to complete your dining room and integrate a new storage solution.  Style it beautifully and enhance the room by adding lamps, flowers, books and art.

But who says storage must hide things away? A ladder shelf is an attractive addition for home organisation. Floating shelves also offer added storage without overwhelming a room.

Refresh your bedroom with stylish new curtains and drapes 

Natural tones are on trend for curtains and drapes, such as greens, browns and beiges. These hues are drawn from nature and refresh a bedroom alongside any colour scheme.

Sheer white curtains are light and airy and reminiscent of beachside holidays and dreamy resorts –where we’d rather be!

Wave fold curtains add a little something different to your home as they undulate alongside your windows. They add a contemporary chic style and a dynamic 3D look to your living spaces.

Pelmets are a classic French design, adding a box-like frame over the tops of curtains. Pelmets work best in larger, spacious rooms where the design won’t feel crowded.

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