Your Autumn Home – 5 affordable ways to update your interiors

Your Autumn Home – 5 affordable ways to update your interiors

21st July 2019


A new colour palette

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Each autumn winter season brings with it a new trend and this year, petrol blue hues in various tones are dominating the display windows.

Inject this rich and alluring colour palette into your home by opting for cushions in various tones and textures, along with a heavy knitted or velvet throw. Functional and chic, an autumnal throw will be a saviour when the mercury starts to drop and you’re deep in a Netflix series or a great book. Perfect for cuddling up on the couch.

Continue this trend onto the walls by choosing a framed print with hints of petrol blue, to tie the room together. However, an important interior rule to remember is to decorate with dark to light colours, vertically – so pick a print with lighter tones than the ones chosen for your cushions and throws.

Introduce heavier fabrics

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In the most literal sense, heavy fabrics will not only induce feelings of warmth they will actually keep the cold weather at bay. Heavy curtains are a great example for their high insulation factor!

Opting for a weightier material is also a great way to anchor your furniture and build a layered and luxe retreat. Think quilted or velvet blankets, chunky knits and faux furs, loosely styled over your sofa.

Bring this idea into the bedroom by selecting sheets made from a heavier material rather than the light cotton sheets reserved for summer and if you’re feeling bold, choose a velvet quilt in a nod to one of the braver trends of the season.

Swap scents

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There’s something to be said for the way a burning candle envelops you and entices feelings of luxury as you walk into a room, particularly those with the additional crackling wick making them remnant of a fireplace.

Swap your floral or tropical summer scent for a moody, spicier note or indulge further with a rich caramel aroma. Your home will smell like a Werther’s Caramel and you can thank us later.

Interior accessories in a home are like the jewellery of an outfit, so choose ornate candle jars that can also double as décor to complete the room.

Autumnal blooms and DIY vases

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Not to be forgotten during the cooler months is a gorgeous bunch of blooms bundled into a contemporary vase. Like the candle, florals may be quickly and easily adapted to the seasons by choosing warmer hues and deep green foliage.

Also, don’t feel confined to choosing traditional florals. Some well-structured stems and foliage can create a striking contrast to the surrounding space.

Finally, the hunt for a stylish vase may lead you only as far as your kitchen using this handy interior tip. Pre-used cannisters that may have once stored brown sugar, are a creative and affordable way to house your blooms this season.

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